TIMER1 - Tooth Brushing Timer



Time is on your side with 2-Minute White Molar Tooth Brushing Timers


Say goodbye to that confused look you get when you instruct young patients to brush for 2 minutes. This tooth sand timer is exactly the visual cue kids with no concept of time need (not a bad idea for adults in a hurry, either). With your practice name and information imprinted on the side, these economical timers serve as daily reminders for parents to make and keep appointments. You can give these away to new patients and at community events – those busy parents will appreciate the help and remember you. Available in random color assortment of blue, pink, and yellow.


Tooth Brushing Timer Pricing

200 timers per unit.

1 unit $184.00 $0.92
2-3 units $176.00 $0.88
4-9 units $164.00 $0.82
10-19 units $152.00


20+ units $136.00